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As a responsible corporate citizen, Tian Cern is fully attuned to safety, health and environmental concerns. We continually upgrade our processes in order to optimise our performance in these areas, ensuring that everything from the materials we use to the techniques we employ in flooring installation conform to our stringent guidelines.
Where health and medical facilities are concerned, you could say that the well-being of patients begins from the ground up. Tian Cern understands that hygiene is of the utmost importance in hospitals and other healthcare organisations, and has developed flooring solutions that take into consideration hardiness, cleanliness and environmental resposibility.
Tian Cern believes that flooring solutions for schools and similar institutions require great versatility; on one hand, they need to be extremely durable, stain-resistant as well as easy to maintain and clean, and on the other, they need to visually stimulating and aesthetically attractive, all while remaining as cost-effective as possible.
Tian Cern office flooring products are durable, reliable easy to clean and absolutely hygienic. Our decades-long experience in the industry provides us with valuable insight on the flooring needs of today's organisations; for instance, one of the more fundamental features of our floors is that they can be raised to create routes for wiring and cabling while maintaining a high level of resilience.

Building picture perfect homes

Tian Cern's home flooring solutions are developed to turn houses into homes, residences into picture-perfect living experiences. When it comes to homes, safety and security are paramount, especially when there are children around.


Innovative Flooring Solutions

Tian Cern offers a comprehensive range of high-quality floors that combine style with substance, functionality with design, praticality with aesthetic superiority. Whether it's linoleum or vinyl flooring, we are able to design, implement and maintain the most desireable flooring solutions for any environment and requirement.

  • Our vast experience puts us on the cutting edge of the industry; we are able to supply unique products such as special-purpose materials with excellent impact sound-absorbing properties, floors with low electrical resistance and even mosaic patterns for borders to enhance aesthetic appeal. For added customisation, we are also capable of creating thematic floors integrating company logos, artwork and other visual elements.

Diverse Range of Industries

We have provided innovative flooring solutions to clients in a diverse range of industries including : Healthcare Government Buildings Sport Centres Educational Institutions Industrial Buildings Commercial Developments Shopping Complexes

  • Sole Distributor and Agent for :-
  • LG CHEM LTD. - LG Decotiles

Picture Perfect Home

Tian Cern's home flooring solutions are developed to turn houses into homes, residences into picture-perfect living experiences. When it comes to homes, safety and security are paramount, especially when there are children around. Our flooring comes with a variety of protective features including slip resistance to protect against accidental injury.

  • A home means different things to different people. For some, it is a fortress to retreat into after a day fo exhausting battles and hard-earned victories. For others, it is a place for reconnecting with the important things in life; family, nature, oneself. Yet others see it as a sanctuary, a quiet respite that's far removed from the rigours of modern living. Almost everyone would agree, however, that home is where the heart is. And where the heart is, beauty should reside.




Tian Cern Trading Sdn. Bhd. (TCT) was incorporated on 24th June 1987. It is principally involved in the retailing, wholesaling and contractual installation of wall-to-wall broadloom carpets, carpet rugs, as well as vinyl and linoleum flooring, amongst other things.

Customer Service Information

At Malaysia Carpet Supplier we dedicate our time to making it easy for you at every step; whether you're buying a new bed or flooring.

Product Care

Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your Carpet, Flooring and Window Treatments looking beautiful for years to come.


We stand behind its products and service with some of the best warranties in the industry. Find information on installation and product warranties.

Choosing the right flooring is an important decision and one that you will live with for years.

Your floor or carpet is the very foundation of your interior space and often sets the tone for how the room feels.


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